For a Special Night

In some ways sexy lingerie is not so terribly different from the clothes we wear in public for a special occasion. At Prestige Intimates, Inc., we know that lingerie needs to accentuate a woman's most attractive aspects, while also allowing her to feel comfortable and unencumbered. Whether a woman leans toward a baby doll nightie or cami lace style sleepwear, she wants to feel sexy and attractive, but not so much that she feels on display in her own bedroom.

Whether buying at retail or looking for the absolute best lingerie online, a woman in the market for alluring sleepwear or underthings is investing in her emotional life. Whether she's "dressing up" for a special person or just wants to feel sexier for herself, she's going to demand the very best value. That's fine. Prestige Intimates, Inc. has been offering the most stylish, fashionable, and comfortable intimate apparel for a number of extremely successful years.

Whether people are in the market for the finest push-up or junior bras, bustiers, lace cheeky panties, or great sleepwear like those baby doll nighties we mentioned, we take outstanding care of our customers – both retailers and individuals. We started out as a home business and have grown into one of the most well-liked and respected names in our field. We know how to use the highest qualities fabrics and materials to craft lingerie that makes women feel their very best. No wonder so many women trust us to provide the very best.

Retailers of all sizes, and woman of all ages and walks of life, have loved what they found with Prestige Intimates, Inc., and we hope you will to.

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